Things You Need To Know About Postpartum Depression

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This is a phase almost every new mother goes through. It is mixed with a lot of emotions and  nothing short of a roller coaster ride. You are happy one minute and the very next minute all you want to do is just cry. I was unaware that something like this even exists and I found out the hard way. I spent hours and hours in the first couple of months post my delivery just weeping for no reason. In fact, I felt that I was looking for reasons to cry.

During the pregnancy, we are so busy thinking of what to buy, on how the room should be, what the names should be, on how to hold the baby and on how to calm a crying baby that we forget one of the important things to learn. That is how our body would change after the delivery and things one might be going through during that phase; One of the major changes being Postpartum Depression.

What is Postpartum Depression

A type of depression you may have after having a baby. You could have this anytime in your first year, but the chances are that it will happen in the first month.

Signs you should watch out for

  • Feeling irritated all the time
  • Feeling the need to cry or being upset
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Picking a fight with people without reason
  • Self-doubt
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue


Stress: You just had a baby.  You’re trying to understand them. You are constantly sleep deprived and doubt yourself all the time. Just remember that it is OK to feel stressed out. Every new Mom goes through this phase.

Hormonal & Physical Changes: Your body goes through a lot of changes not just during pregnancy but even after childbirth. There will a huge drop in progesterone and estrogen levels, and this triggers the mood swings that you go through.

How to deal with it

  • Take help of your family and friends and your Partner. You are in this together. Remember you are never alone.
  • Spend time with your partner whenever you can. Watch a movie together once the baby is asleep. Go for a walk. Have a meal together. Talk about things other than just baby stuff. Unwind yourself. Share your feelings.
  • Do something for yourself. Read a book. Go get your nails done. Get a nice massage or just meditate. Do anything you like that would make you feel calm and happy.
  • Sleep whenever you can. You will be sleep deprived all the time. Catch some sleep whenever you can. Lack of sleep can make anyone irritable.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be a perfect Mom from Day 1. Rome was not built in a day. You will learn the tricks of the trade slowly.
  • Celebrate every milestone you achieve as a new Mom. First time you changed a diaper, first time you put the baby to sleep, first time you gave the baby a bath or first time you calmed a crying baby.
  • Stay prepared. This is something I wish I did. Educate yourself about this before you give birth. If you don’t notice any symptoms then well and good. If you do notice them, you know how to deal with them.

Just remember postpartum depression or baby blues as some may call it is just a passing phase. It will pass, and one day you wake up to notice that everything in the world is just fine. But if you ever feel that things are going beyond your control then seek professional help.

Stay strong, and you will get through it!